We are in the land and the land is us

The people of the four First Nations are deeply committed to respecting where they live, protecting and preserving the land, waters and wildlife, while honouring centuries-old Anishinabe values. The people have co-existed here for thousands of years with the land. Your support will help preserve their ancient history as well as their vision for the future.

The lungs of the earth

Pimachiowin Aki, "the land that gives life," is part of the largest stretch of intact boreal forest on earth, comprising a unique and productive chain of inter-connected habitats. Boreal forests are crucial to the survival of the human race because its trees serve as "the lungs of the earth"— filtering greenhouse gases and storing carbon.

Pimachiowin Aki's Endowment Fund held at The Winnipeg Foundation enables the First Nation and provincial government partners to safeguard and celebrate Pimachiowin Aki's outstanding universal value for present and future generations, and to create benefits within and beyond the World Heritage Site. Your support will help protect "the land that gives life." Please donate to the Pimachiowin Aki Fund.