Our Vision

A land where Anishinaabeg and all other beings are understood and safeguarded as one.

Our Programs

As stewards of this ancient, continuous and living cultural landscape, our World Heritage management programs include:

1. Safeguarding tangible and intangible cultural heritage

  • Inventory and protect cultural sites, including petroforms, pictographs, cabins and campsites, and sacred and ceremonial sites
  • Conduct language retention surveys and support community-based programs that maintain the Anishinaabemowin language, stories and songs

2. Conserving and understanding ecosystems and species

  • Monitor wildfire patterns as part of climate change research
  • Apply local ecological knowledge and scientific research to the status of populations and movements of imperiled species such as the woodland caribou and lake sturgeon
  • Join with partners to research species and habitats that provide important food resources for communities

3. Supporting sustainable economies

  • Support local entrepreneurs and communities to develop a range of Indignenous ecocultural tourism services
  • Research opportunities to develop and market non-timber forest products such as wild rice
  • Provide direct employment for community members in Site management

4. Coordinating monitoring and reporting

  • Hire Indigenous land guardians to monitor the health of ecosystems, care for cultural sites, and share information with communities, stakeholders and partners

5. Informing and educating the public

  • Develop partnerships with provincial, national and international museums to promote awareness and understanding of the Site’s cultural and natural values
  • Provide teachers with access to the Pimachiowin Aki library of photos, videos, and publications

6. Supporting community-based initiatives

  • Support special initiatives that help create social, cultural, environmental and economic benefits


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