To be a UNESCO World Heritage Site would be a great honour that would raise awareness and bring attention to the Pimachiowin Aki area and the people who live here. Today tourists search around the world for unique places to visit and look to UNESCO sites for a special experience they can’t get at home.

You don’t have to wait until this area becomes a World Heritage Site to visit us. There are already fully-serviced lodges, small hotels and rugged campsites dotted throughout the area. Float planes land and take off in the hundreds of lakes and rivers around us. Airstrips and winter roads allow for winter access. Fishing and hiking guides and tour operators are available to make sure your visit takes full advantage of all we have to offer – in all seasons.

Experienced canoeists love the extensive rivers and lakes and the occasional challenging rapids that make up Pimachiowin Aki. The Bloodvein River, a Canadian Heritage River, flows through several of the First Nation traditional territories, through the Ontario Woodland Caribou Park and the Manitoba Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park. Travelers looking for eco-tourism or an adventure holiday will love this area.

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Eco-tourists love our extensive rivers, lakes and the challenging rapids on our many rivers. See more photos.