Pimachiowin Aki World Heritage Site to the UNESCO World Heritage Centre

Winnipeg, Manitoba - January 30, 2017 – The Pimachiowin Aki partners – Bloodvein River, Pauingassi, Little Grand Rapids and Poplar River First Nations and the governments of Manitoba, Ontario and Canada -- have submitted a new bid for a Pimachiowin Aki World Heritage Site to the UNESCO World Heritage Centre.

In July 2016, the World Heritage Committee referred the Pimachiowin Aki nomination back to Canada, following the departure of a First Nation partner from the project. Several countries praised the nomination and Canada’s approach recognizing the importance of ensuring that World Heritage decisions properly account for the interests of indigenous people.

William Young, Pimachiowin Aki Corporation spokesperson, said that UNESCO officials strongly advised the Corporation to resubmit the bid reflecting modifications to the boundary of the nominated area. “We have received confirmation that the 2016 nomination for the inscription of Pimachiowin Aki arrived at the World Heritage Centre in Paris in advance of the February 1 deadline. Our many supporters have been very patient, and we appreciate their encouragement to achieve our goal of a Pimachiowin Aki World Heritage Site”, Young said.

Project Manager, Gord Jones, explained that the new 29,040-square-kilometre nominated area is an outstanding example of the cultural tradition of Ji-ganawendamang Gidakiiminaan (Keeping the Land), and is still the most complete and largest example of the biodiversity and ecological characteristics of the North American boreal Shield. “We are optimistic that an evaluation of the new nomination will conclude that Pimachiowin Aki continues to be a globally significant site,” Jones said.

“Our commitment to take care of the “land that gives life” for the world and for future generations is as strong as ever,” July 2016